Only Gluten Free on Me™ is revolutionising the way we prepare and serve gluten free food.

The people who choose to live life without gluten are telling us that our boards make eating out a whole lot easier than it used to be. You should see the look of excitement on their faces when one of these bad boys is placed on the table in front of them!

Our handsome acacia wood boards are durable yet lightweight, and branded with our slogan “Only Gluten Free on Me™ ”. This enables chefs and food handlers to prepare gluten free food separately to other meals, but also keeps customers happy by clearly showing which foods are gluten free.

This range is suitable for all hospitality and food service applications such as cafes, restaurants, caterers, B&Bs, room service, function venues, canteens, sports clubs, in flight service (airlines) - the sky really is the limit! Plus, branding and customisation is free of charge!

You can download our Only Gluten Free on Me™ 

Hospitality Range brochure here!


Only Gluten Free on Me™ is also revolutionising the way we manage cross-contamination risks in personal spaces such as home and work.  Gluten free folk are telling us how much they love our boards so let them be a source of income for your business too!

Warrior Box is committed to partnering with other coeliac-friendly businesses so get in touch and talk to us about stocking our products for retail sale. 


When it comes to making gluten free lives easier, education is key.


Whether the customer is coeliac, gluten intolerant, allergic to wheat or simply gluten free by choice, hospitality staff should be aware of the complexity of dietary requests and the many reasons behind them.  Further to this knowledge, they should also understand how to cater for these dietary requirements when understanding menus, taking orders and preparing meals. 

This information can be challenging to decipher but

Warrior Box Australia is here to help you and your team. 

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